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Marc Grabowski, CEO at Iris Mobile, recently wrote a compelling piece on the difficulty of finding a VP of marketing who can do it all. Grabowski’s post was so interesting that I couldn’t even respond to it in a single post. In part one of my response, I put forward a few ideas about why senior ad tech marketers with a broad skill set can be so hard to find — both because they’re so invested in their current positions and because they’re very selective about the companies they’re willing to work for.

In part two of my response, I’d like to take things in a slightly different direction and think about those senior ad tech marketers who may be considering a new job but are struggling to choose among their many suitors. While there may not be many such marketers today, there will likely be more in the years ahead as leading companies from the ad tech boom are acquired and brands begin to disappear. And if, as Grabowski notes, it can sometimes be hard to find a marketer who can do it all, it’s also true that it can sometimes be hard to find a company that meets all of a marketer’s needs and interests.

So, taking a page from Grabowski’s framework for choosing a VP of marketing, I give you my framework for how senior ad tech marketers might choose their next jobs from the many great — but not necessarily perfect — options that are out there.

A Guide to Choosing Your Next Marketing Job in Ad Tech

I would like to work in a company where marketing is (pick 1)

  • one man/woman marketing show
  • lean team with limited budget
  • bigger team with more budget


The company (pick 1):

  • dominates a product category
  • is an established player across several categories
  • has limited market share in many categories

I feel more comfortable promoting (pick 1):

  • hardware and features
  • functional or emotional benefits
  • a broad vision


In this new role I would like to develop these skills (pick 3):

  • brand building
  • demand generation
  • thought leadership
  • paid media
  • marketing strategy
  • marketing operations
  • research
  • public relations
  • events
  • design
  • guerrilla marketing
  • email marketing
  • public speaking
  • product commercialization


At the end of this role, I’d like to be recognized as (pick 2):

  • a revenue generator
  • creative thinker
  • stellar marketing operator
  • strategist
  • industry thought leader
  • a cross-functional leader


Of course, just as there are ad tech marketers who can do it all, there may be some companies out there that can provide great marketers with every last aspect of a job that they’re looking for. For those marketers who aren’t quite so lucky in finding that unicorn of a company, I hope the above framework can make things a little easier.


Ben Plomion, SVP Marketing, GumGum

Ben Plomion is the SVP of Marketing at GumGum and brings more than 15 years of experience in marketing, communications and also business development. Prior to GumGum, Ben was responsible for Chango’s brand, integrated marketing and demand generation. His team created one of the most robust thought leadership platforms in the industry and has won multiple marketing and design awards. Prior to joining Chango, Ben worked with GE Capital for four years to establish and lead the digital media practice.

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