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Lee Roth

Since seguing over to PayPal from Coca Cola in August, Lee Roth has been gearing up to spread the story of PayPal around the world. As Senior Director and Head of Advertising, Media and Agencies at PayPal, Roth is working closely with PayPal Global Brand & Communications Officer Christina Smedley to implement the most aggressive worldwide marketing campaign in the company’s 16-year history.

“Overall, we’re trying to evolve the way we communicate with our consumers,” Roth said. “We’re no longer in one-way dialogues where all we do is talk about ourselves. We’re trying to move to a philosophy I call ‘work that moves.’ This is the simple idea that the creative stories we tell should move and move us. Move – as to create ideas that are contagious – that move among people like wildfire. ‘Move us’ refers to the idea that we need to create stories that move our audience in a way that creates more than a transaction, stories that build relationships, an emotional bond between us and our customers.”


Christina Smedley

Roth plans to advance this cause using all channels. “Generally, I take a channel agnostic approach across all markets. We determine the target, the message, the creative approach, then determine the proper connections strategy. We strive to be as creative in our media approach as we are in our advertising approach. The key is to really understand your consumer in each market and make sure we have the right connections, message and channels to speak with them.”

Roth was for three years Director of Integrated Marketing Campaigns at Coca Cola. “PayPal was looking for someone who has a history of working with iconic brands, doing breakthrough creative and I was fortunate enough they asked me to join,” Roth said, characterizing his new home brand as “a fantastic product whose full story has yet to be told. PayPal is a marketer’s dream, with the white space to tell the narrative of a brand that historically hasn’t communicated much, but has a great story to tell. You don’t always find a company trying to change the world for the better and mean it.”

Roth said he is excited to be drawing on his tech skills again. Prior to joining Coca Cole he spent several years on the agency side — at mcgarrybowen, Wieden + Kennedy and Ogilvy & Mather — some of it playing in the tech space. “PayPal is a company and in an industry that is rapidly changing, and changing for the better. It’s going to be exciting times, with a very fun story to tell.”

Founded in 1998, PayPal continues to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, processing almost 10 million payments for our customers per day in an open and secure payment ecosystem. An eBay company, PayPal has 157 million active digital wallets that allow payments to be processed in stores, online and on mobile devices. PayPal is available to people and businesses in 203 markets, facilitating payment in more than 100 currencies. The company also operates the PayPal Media Network (PPMN), which offers solutions designed to drive consumer transactions for advertisers across mobile and online.

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