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Some are proclaiming that the future of the Consumer Electronics Show will belong to marketers and it’s easy to see why: connected homes and gadgets are here, and that means lots of new opportunities to reach consumers at their best moments. Automated micro brew appliances that can download craft beer recipes from the web and all-in-one smart wallets that unlock themselves biometrically are but a few of the marvels revealed this week. Obviously, smart cars, smart homes, and smart gadgets are the new normal.

At CES 2015, there are around 900 Internet of Things (IoT) exhibitors, which makes it the largest showcase yet of the coming IoT revolution.

The One Ring

As of now, Ring, a wearable that goes around your finger, might just be for motioning lights to switch on and off and sending text messages by tracing letters in the air, but think of the potential interaction between consumer and advertising display or product. Instead of having to scan a QR code for more information, a simple point and flick could reveal additional support or coupon deals.

Ring – One Gesture is All You Need

Ring – One Gesture is All You Need from Logbar on Vimeo.

Smart(er) glasses

Sunglass Hut’s sr. director of marketing, Todd Borgerson, says the company will soon be allowing consumers to shop virtually without having to visit a store. Borgerson is extremely excited about Sunglass Hut’s experimentation with smart glasses, which he expects it to help change in-store customer experiences. Sony’s entering the eyewear market with its new SmartGlasses Attach: a clip-on that consumers can wear with their favorite pair. While there’s not much to Sony’s display yet, the first demos of the device are showing how it can be helpful in analyzing your surroundings and recommending helpful hints based on what it’s gathered.

Self-driving cars

Though self-driving cars have been in the works for a few years, automakers are stepping on the gas to make this reality happen sooner. If you don’t have to worry about crashing your new car, there’s more time for all eyes to go to the multiple HD touch screens that dominate the interior of the car, as is the case with the Mercedes Benz F 015, which means there will be more time for entertainment, and potentially in-car advertising. The F 015 will be one of the first examples of a “mobile living space,” and more cars will certainly follow suit.

Interactive home wall tablets

LinkedIn’s vp of global sales marketing solutions, Penny Price, thinks there’s room for an interactive mirror that would let you scroll through your contacts and view job opportunities while you get ready for work in the morning. Sony is also thinking along the same lines, and is expecting consumers to install screens in every corner of the home, including the shower, which may allow for more brand and consumer connection outside of a regular television.

Sadly, Oculus Rift is still aiming to master its design before offering marketing opportunities, though that future is near. Until then, we’ll wait for Facebook’s vp of global marketing solutions, Carolyn Everson, to give her word.

bartlett-brian_105 This article first appeared at Chango.com/resources, where Bryan Bartlett is Editor-in-Chief of the Chango magazine The Programmatic Mind. Prior to joining Chango in 2012 he was a Digital Media Analyst at Nielsen. Follow him @bryanbartlett

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