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Ted Rubin’s second book, How to Look People in the Eye Digitally, arrived on e-book this month, and makes its print debut in January. Taking this cyber journey alongside one of the most skilled and influential social media practioners on the scene, readers will come away with volumes of insight, all of it designed to help get the message out there more effectively — whether that message has to do with positioning a consumer packaged good or promoting the personal brand know as “you.”


Rubin covers the basics, like the importance of listening (in a world of sensory overload, something we can’t be reminded of too often), offering up-to-the-minute perspective. “Learning to listen digitally can be intimidating…There’s just so much to listen to.” A coping mechanism: “Listen to one person at a time.”

Unlike real life, in the digital realm the goal is “being human, not being perfect.” Real trumps perfect every time, Rubin opines, offering plenty of insights on how to harness that human potential in the digital realm. Chapters with titles like #JustBeNice and For Heaven’s Sake, Repspond! offer useful suggestions. Overall, Rubin manages to be both practical and inspiring, with advice that will benefit social newbies and marketing mavens alike.

A chapter devoted to “Great Examples from Brands that Get It” is a compendium of social media wisdom. It’s through a series of little interactions that strong and lasting ties are made. Social media is an investment of time and energy, but one that if tackled earnestly can offer long-term value to brands and individuals alike. A little less attention to metrics, and more attention to genuine communication that forges connections.

Rubin’s new book is full of very simple tenets that are not-so-simple to apply in our modern, multi-channel age. Having an expert like Ted Rubin to help navigate this challenging landscape is not only useful, but fun. As a follow-up to his earlier book, Return on Relationship, Looking People in the Eye Digitally is sure to earn Ted many new followers, @TedRubin and TedRubin.com.

You can find How to Look People in the Eye Digitally through the following links:
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