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By now you’ve probably heard of GoPro. The wearable video camera brand has been in the news a lot lately after its hugely successful IPO. As many of the recent articles about the company have pointed out, if GoPro is ultimately a multi-billion dollar company, it’s not simply because its cameras are popular but because GoPro has done a masterful job of turning itself into a media company. Footage filmed by GoPro cameras makes for exhilarating entertainment and YouTube views are growing by the tens of millions.

But if things are going well for GoPro, that doesn’t mean things can’t begin to go even better, which is why we’ve selected the company as an example of what a programmatic strategy can do to grow a brand. If GoPro were to use programmatic advertising to target people who haven’t yet seen their viral videos it could open up completely new audiences. With the right programmatic plan, GoPro might well transform itself from a success story into an astonishing success story. So, how can GoPro go programmatic as effectively as possible? Let’s take a look at how the company might target different customer categories.

New Customers

Programmatic is about picking up signals that allow you to zero in on the perfect audience. In the case of bringing the GoPro brand to more customers that means showing display or pre-roll videos to consumers who haven’t yet engaged with GoPro content. For example, GoPro might target its Diver Saves Sea Turtle video to people with an interest in fishing who are browsing related YouTube clips.

Equally important, with programmatic GoPro would be able to avoid wasting money on showing ads to the wrong people. There’s no need for GoPro to show ads designed for new customers to extreme sports fans who have already visited GoPro.com or the GoPro channel on YouTube. A programmatic campaign can simply use browsing and CRM data to exclude these users from the campaign.

Existing Customers

This doesn’t mean GoPro necessarily wants to entirely avoid fans or existing customers, only that they can use programmatic to target them with ads that are more in line with their interests. GoPro, for example, might leverage its CRM data to find customers who have recently purchased GoPro equipment but haven’t yet produced or engaged with GoPro’s online content. GoPro could then use programmatic targeting to offer such individuals an incentive to produce and post their own content. GoPro, for example, could show would-be video creators a contest promotion (perhaps via display ads on Facebook Exchange) that offers a chance to win a free GoPro accessory if the person meets certain demographics (dancer, horse rider, hiker, and so on). Among other benefits, this strategy could help GoPro produce more content in categories that don’t always appeal to its core clientele.

Core Customers

We’ve looked at how programmatic could help GoPro target new customers and casual fans, but what about its most dedicated customers, the ones who have already posted videos? How can GoPro get them to post even more? Well, wouldn’t it be great if GoPro wireless cameras could pass along all sorts of signals (location, time of day, and even image recognition) so that core fans could be offered custom content the next time they visit GoPro’s channel on YouTube? Better yet, what if in the near future fans who are engaged on Instagram, Pinterest, or Vine could be retargeted with GoPro videos that relate to their very particular passions.

The point here isn’t to suggest that GoPro doesn’t get media. On the contrary, GoPro has been killing it by most metrics. But now that GoPro has gone public, investors will want to see the company continue to grow for years to come. Programmatic targeting, such as that available from Chango and others, could take this already successful brand to amazing new places.

Find out more about that by tuning in to upcoming installments our series on how brands can use programmatic to meet and exceed their goals. The next two companies featured will be GE and GM.

Plomion-Ben_ChangoBen Plomion is the VP of Marketing at Chango. You can read more about his views on programmatic at ProgrammaticMind.com.

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