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Panel session at Brand Innovators Austin during SXSWi.

Victor Lee presentation at Brand Innovators Austin.

Remember when email had amazing open rates? 30%, 40% even 50%+ was not unheard of in the early days of email. Predictably, competition for the inbox grew and open rates plummeted. The same thing is occurring in social channels and more and more marketers pile in with more and more content. Engagement rates (the equivalent of open rates) fall.

The social media space continues to mature and become more sophisticated. Brands are using advanced strategies and tools to manage their social presence and struggling with diminishing returns on their efforts due to increased volume of content combined with a finite consumer attention span. The challenge, as with any media, is to produce enough interesting, high-quality content, distribute it to enough channels and monitor and adjust based on audience response.

“I’ll be interested if you’ll be interesting.” Victor Lee, Vice President of Digital for Hasbro, shared this great shot in his presentation at the Brand Innovators Austin summit that took place March 13 during the SXSWi Fest with a simple yet powerful approach – be interesting!

John Andrews, Ignitic

John Andrews

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

To read Victor Lee’s insightful summation of his keynote presentation at Brand Innovators Austin, Why Hasbro Skips What’s Cool in Social Media, follow this link.

John Andrews is the Chief Marketing Officer for Ignite Social Media. He enjoys running, travel and writing about media technology.

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    • Telling gets you a gesture. Inspiring gets you action and longevity.
    • Stop worrying about whats next & concentrate on executing/delivering on whats now. BUT... have an eye to whats coming.
    • Data has incredible value, but is not the end all and be all. Use data to inform and let judgement be your guide.
    • Social data is great, and needs to be utilized, but do not overlook the value of participation and observation.
    • Be a fly on the wall of your followers lives... step into their living rooms to listen, observe, engage and learn.
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