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Bryan Kramer selfie at Brand Innovators event.

Social mover and Purematter CEO Bryan Kramer perfects the selfie, at the Brand Innovators Summit. (Photo by Bryan Kramer/Purematter)

It was a day of digitally-forward brand advancement, with solid information-sharing and tweets flying fast and furious at the Brand Innovators Social Media summit in New York, Feb. 20. More than 125 attendees packed the conference room at host company IBM Social Media, listening to presentations by thought-leaders in the marketing field.

“The presentation @MasonNelder just gave at #bisummit is one of the best I’ve ever seen on building a social organization,” said Walgreens Senior Director, Social Media and Content Adam Kmiec.

Panelists at Brand Innovators Social Media Summit.

“Connecting with Content: (l to r) Kristin Hersant, Lauren Fleischer, Lupe De Los Santos, Quinn Kilbury

“Great panel on Connecting with Content,” messaged Purematter CEO Bryan Kramer, who had his own #bisummit session on “Creating Crowd-Worthy Campaigns.” “Thank you @bryankramer for ruining my makeup with all of these tear jerkers!,” was Livefyre VP Marketing Kristin Hersant’s rewview of Kramer’s keynote.

Livefyre, in turn, manmaged to rock Kramer’s world with its Storify social commenting platform. Check out the cool album he put together featuring highlights in a day that saw many, copiously documented #bisummit.

Another high point was the social media MutualMind Command Center set up by social analytics firm Mutual Mind, which tracked 28M+ impressions and 1,900+ tweets out of the event. “The great things about it is there are only a certain number of people who can fit into these rooms. So the social media mavens were reaching out, allowing people to join in the conversation and catch the high points,” said MutualMind director of business development Tony Edwards.

Monster CEO Noel Lee and the MutualMind Command Center screen.

Monster’s Noel Lee fronts the MutualMind Command Center.

Edwards, whose work with MutualMind sees him running with the best and brightest in the marketing field, seemed impressed at the juice in the room. “We had an average Klout score of 55 for each person mentioning our summit keywords, where a normal score for a brand-listening campaign is around 30 or 35,” he said.

The Dallas-based MutualMind does brand-listening campaigns as well as events. “Ususually brands are listening to see who’s talking about their brands and their products, who’s talking about their competitors’ brands and products, and who is talking about their topics in general. The fun thing about our work with Brand Innovators is the ability to display the social activity in real time using large screen projection.”

Among the intresting conversations that played out in real time: striking the balance between user-generated content and a crafted message; how
Chipotle’s “Farmed And Dangerous” campaign per episode is in line with the cost of a 30 minute cable tv show; and identifying values a brand stands for.

Next up: Brand Innovators SXSW, March 7 in Austin, Texas. View the 2014 schedule of Brand Innovators events here or visit brand-innovators.com/events.

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