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Twitter Real Time Marketing

Twitter’s new real-time marketing capability allows very precise targeting opportunities.

It wasn’t so long ago that real-time bidding (RTB) changed the way we think about display advertising. The ability to go from blindly running banners across a website to targeting individuals in real-time turned display advertising from an art into a science – or at least something approximating a science.

And so it was probably only a matter of time before the power of RTB moved beyond traditional display. After all, if targeting individuals based on their actions across the Web makes campaigns more efficient, you’d expect the technology to spread across the industry. And indeed, that’s what we’re now seeing.

RTB took a big step forward in September 2012, when Facebook introduced its own exchange, FBX. In December 2013, RTB made its next leap with the launch of Twitter’s Tailored Audiences, a program that targets tweets to individuals based on all the things they do online. To make this possible, Twitter has partnered with companies such as Chango, that can target individuals based on CRM data, site visits, third-party data, and so on.

In other words, if you want to target someone on Twitter in real time, you no longer have to rely on Twitter’s own data, as with standard Promoted Tweets. Now you can perform classic RTB-style targeting, serving tweets to those users who clicked on your product but didn’t complete the purchase, while others who did close the deal receive alternate tweet messaging. It’s now even possible to target Twitter users based on the terms they’ve search on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, meaning you can use Tailored Audiences to discover entirely new customers.

This is a huge deal to RTB marketers for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it puts to rest any debate (if one is even still going on) as to whether targeting in real-time is the future of the industry. But, even more importantly, Twitter’s Tailored Audiences gives RTB marketers an important and unique new option to consider when they’re starting to max out on the number of traditional display impressions they can show the same user.

That’s not to say that Tailored Audiences should only be a simple substitute for retargeted display ads – though it’s certainly possible to use the program in that way. In some cases, translating your display creative into 140 words might be effective. But what’s most exciting for the RTB world is the chance to discover the most effective ways of targeting on Twitter.

After all, a person’s Twitter feed, in most cases, is a personal space, a space where users expect to find relevant messages. And since it’s now possible to target users who have purchased something from your site, a targeted tweet through Tailored Audiences could be the perfect way to send a thank you – not to mention a polite request for an online review. Or, if you’re targeting Twitter users who have searched for terms that are relevant to your brand, you might use Tailored Audiences to do much more than offer a product discount. Maybe you can tweet out a tip relevant to your industry? In some cases, a good punch line might be appropriate, which isn’t such an easy thing to pull off with traditional display.

Plomion-Ben_ChangoThe above suggestions are just the beginning of what’s possible now that the power of RTB has come to Twitter. To read more about how tailored audiences works, and how marketers are using tools to connect the dots between data sources and media types like Twitter, download Chango’s Twitter Tailored Audiences Handbook

Ben Plomion is the VP of Marketing at Chango. Prior to that he was at GE Capital, where he established the digital media practice.

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