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Ed Martin, CMO of Zaycon Foods.

Ed Martin joins Spokane-based natural foods purveyor Zaycon as Chief Marketing Officer.

Ed Martin has exited Hershey to assume Chief Marketing Officer duties at Zaycon Foods, the Spokane, WA-based farm-fresh firm.

Martin was most recently Director of Mobile Marketing for The Hershey Company, and has also held senior positions at Coca-Cola, The Kellogg Company, Citi and Ford.

“Ed has worked with leadership in nearly every sector I can think of, from corporations to foundations, the entertainment industry, government, and universities,” Zaycon Foods President Mike Conrad said in making the announcement last week. In all instances, Martin “focused on win-win models, where each group involved in the initiative ‘wins,’” making him a good fit with the Zaycon team, Conrad continued, extolling his new exec’s ” relentless focus on using businesses growth as a way to support poverty reduction, health and wellness, expanded education opportunities, and environmental initiatives.”

Founded in 2009, Zaycon has taken a community-based approach that involves bringing farm-fresh food directly to the customer, striving for the highest quality at the lowest possible cost, but the firm doesn’t stop there, seeking to provide additional local support underpinninngs part of the equation.

“Driving business growth by leveraging innovation and ‘win-win’ models is the biggest tool I have found to support people in need around the world,” Martin said in expouding on bis new role. “Based on Zaycon Foods’ business model, I can see us scaling up to 100 times our current size while having a tremendously positive impact in every community we enter. And when that is the focus of work, work becomes pure joy!”

The Zaycon Foods founders, partners and team members share the same win-win philosophy and have been operating this way since day one, Martin noted.

By selling fresh food in bulk and cutting out many factors of the traditional food-to-retail process (such as multiple instances of re-packaging and all the handling and storage most foods undergo before reaching consumers), Zaycon is also able to realize dramatic cost efficiencies.

In its effort to achieve a greater good, Zaycon is also committed to creating minimal waste and partnering with like-minded nonprofit organizations. The company has grown organically, with each customer becoming a sort of Zaycon ambassador, spreading the word about the brand to friends and family.

The company has enjoyed brisk growth, mainly through word-of-mouth, numbering customers for its nutritious, natural foods in the “hundreds of thousands.” It holds regular “sales events” in all 48 of the continental United States.
You can follow Zaycon on Facebook, www.facebook.com/zayconfoods, learn more on YouTube or follow on Twitter @ZayconFoods.

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