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Brian Soltis, principal analyst, Altimeter

Brian Solis, principal analyst, Altimeter

As digital channels become more “real-time,” marketing organizations must increasingly consider to what extent they will function in that mode as well, according to a December 17 report by Altimter Group, whose principal analyst Brian Solis will be the guest speaker at the Brand Innovators annual International CES VIP Dinner January 6 in Las Vegas.

The practice of “responding with immediacy to external events, and triggers” is the crux of real-time marketing (RTM), which is is “arguably the most relevant form of marketing, achieved by listening to and/or anticipating consumer interests and needs,” according to Solis. While triggered emails and texts, search-responsive messaging and ad retargeting are all road-tested RTM methods, the report focuses on two newer approaches, both “deeply rooted in content and social strategy.”

There are four main points to this latest approach to RTM: 1) the ability to “surprise and delight,” which fosters a more human interaction 2) timing — delivering the right message at an opportune moment organic to the consumer’s life journey 3) brand relevance, which the report suggests is “the ability to be cool” and 4) responsiveness — the ability of a brand to seem “always on,” accessible and evergreen.

“RTM is know to lift literally all desirable metrics (e.g., interest, consideration, search, word of mouth, media receptivity, etc…) as well as turbo-charge all other marketing initiatives,” report author Rebecca Lieb summarizes in the executive summary. “A lot of organizations aren’t comfortable with this concept of real-time,” adds Chad Warren, Senior Social Media Strategist at Adobe. “Culturally we’re about reviewing and scrubbing and are generally quite guarded in how we present ourselves in front of the public. There has to be a recognition that we don’t control the conversation anymore as brands, and real-time marketing helps stakeholders understand that and how we can still harness it.”

Altimeter is a San Mateo, CA-based firm that provides research and advice to companies challenged by technology disruptions. In addition to doing custom work, Altimeter’s website is a rich repository of studies and analysis shared freely with members of the marketing community.

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