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620-DebraMessing-032813-jpg_201324Dove’s Unilever brand had record-setting success with “Real Beauty Sketches.” Now McNeil Consumer Healthcare’s Zyrtec brand is taking authentic beauty care into a different area. Saying that its research showed 54 percent of customers experienced allergy symptoms, it has focused in on the effect allergies have on appearance. Zyrtec’s spin on real beauty sketches is called “Allergy Face.”

Watery eyes, a red nose, or a puffy face during fall allergy season have led the brand to use digital marketing to show women how to treat allergies and address the symptoms. It has teamed up with actress Debra Messing, as well as beauty experts Rebekah George and Carmen Ordonez to provide insightful beauty tips and tricks for combating “allergy face.”

In a new video on the brand’s YouTube Channel, Messing sat down with George, for a one-on-one chat to shed light on another challenge for female sufferers, “Allergy Face” – beauty woes like a red nose, watery eyes and puffy face that can accompany typical allergy symptoms. In George’s videos, she helps allergy sufferers embrace personal care despite their allergy symptoms and unveils a 60-second beauty routine for during allergy season. Additionally, she reinforces the importance of cleaning out your makeup bag with simple “keep, toss, wash” rules in addition to spelling out the “dos and don’ts” of dealing with beauty challenges.

In Ordonez’s series of three videos, which are available in both English and Spanish, she offers tips for Latinas seeking help with allergy-related beauty challenges. Topics include quick makeup fixes as well as unique, homemade remedies that have been passed down through generations to help Latinas embrace their natural belleza.

Zyrtec is also unveiling the first-ever “Allergy Face” Beauty Counter during spring allergy season at Macy’s Herald Square and will take beauty solutions on the road this fall. From September 8 through September 10 at the Macy’s Century City in Los Angeles. Both George and Ordonez will be available for personal consultations. Zyrtec has also launched a Facebook page for additional consumer engagement.


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