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twisted-water_1When we last checked in with Frank Andoni his company was named as one of the Brand Innovators Top 25 Brands To Watch and Detroit was not yet in bankruptcy. One of these things has changed.

Obviously Detroit’s fiscal status is not as independent as it was back in May, but for Troy-based Twisted Water it has been a summer full of publicity, new accounts and an interesting synchronicity of branding. Twisted Water has been timed perfectly to help solve the country’s youth obesity and nutrition concerns. And according to Andoni, the problems surrounding nearby Detroit’s bankruptcy will turn out to be a rallying point for the brands that are leading the future of the city.

“Detroit is a city that has constantly taken a hit and bounced back,” he says. “Bankruptcy might have been the best thing that could have happened. It will create even more brand loyalty. We’re not a Detroit-specific brand, but we are a Michigan brand and we share the same spirit.”

That spirit is what Twisted Water is based on. It was started in 2008 when Andoni’s son Alex was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was seven years old. Andoni didn’t like what he saw when he looked for healthy beverage options. So he started Twisted Water and WOW Water to go easier on the sugar content and gluten and heavier on vitamins and minerals. Andoni has partnered with and sits on the board of the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Since May, his message has resonated with local and national media outlets who have focused on Twisted Water as an example of healthy choices for kids, and an example of a brand that is fighting for those choices while healthcare costs for conditions for diabetes skyrocket.

That publicity has led to some profitable attention from chains like Kroger’s and Whole Foods. More importantly, Andoni’s company is in late stage negotiations with some of the country’s largest retail chains, which could push the Twisted Water brand over the top.

“We’re getting the right kind of attention because the product is in the forefront of so many urgent issues,” Andoni says. “Diabetes and obesity take about $400 billion a year in health care costs, and we have been authentically centered on that for years. Twisted Water is a brand that is tied into healthy choices and the media has been all over it.”

In addition to retail negotiations that Andoni cannot discuss until closed, Twisted Water is also closing new distribution arrangements for online and offline sales.




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