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NikeJustDoItNothing like a good dose of creativity if you’re a brand marketer. Today HBR has a great defense of it. Data, analytics and science aside, Christian Madsbjerg and Mikkel B. Rasmussen argue that the most impactful branding will still come from the places data can’t reach. “Great marketing and advertising campaigns are exquisitely attuned, not to past behavior, nor to individualized needs and desires, but to the larger cultural zeitgeist. Great advertising speaks to our deepest fears and desires, it answers to our nascent yearnings. Perhaps most importantly, it acknowledges that the majority of our decisions are social: we do things within the context of our communities and we get swept away by the mood of our times. From Volkswagen’s “Think Small” print ads to Apple’s groundbreaking “1984” television commercial — directed by Oscar-award winner Ridley Scott — to Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan, persuasive advertising campaigns have left an indelible mark on our public imagination.

Also: On the other side of using algorithms, Gizmodo has an excellent look at Facebook’s. It pulls the covers on News Feed exposure and how the ads fit itn. Facebook has said that it would begin a policy of updating users about how the news feed ranking algorithm is changing.


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