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sabIntel Ambassadors are chartered with building Intel brand loyalists internally and externally by connecting people personally and emotionally to what’s inside the heart and soul of Intel through our social and technological innovations. Ambassadors are the voices of our unified brand story that reveal to the world what we stand for and why they should care. We believe our brand comes to life through our Intel employees. We have numerous opportunities for Intel Ambassadors to share our Intel story and they choose the opportunities that are most interested in.

We have 307 Intel Ambassadors globally. In Costa Rica Ambassadors engaged with consumers during the Back to School season in 2012 in local retail stores. In Japan, Intel Ambassadors were part of a team in July 2013 that set up an “Experience Intel” pop-up to showcase our newest Intel Ultrabooks and tell consumers how we make a better future possible through our amazing technology solutions. In Oregon, Intel Ambassadors were part of an Employee Expo in May 2012 attended by 6,300 families, friends, and the community that showcased not just what Intel makes but why we make it.

They’re also involved in generating content. The best example I can give you of employee generated content is the Tablet Smart Squad we launched in the U.S. In order to more broadly share the Intel tablet story, and to help consumers simplify their tablet purchase decisions, the Intel Ambassador team, (which I led) joined forces with the Tablet Marketing team led by Sandra Lopez to energize a group of 150 passionate employees and their respective networks in social media. Employees from 20 different business units, with diverse backgrounds, and a wide range of social media skills, volunteered to join what Intel called the Tablet Smart Squad. For each member of the Smart Squad, the Intel Ambassador team provided training, protocols, and access to an Intel tablet. Squad members published videos, tweets, status updates, photos, and answers to consumer questions on social media, technology web sites, and retail web sites. Because many of the Squad members had access to an Intel tablet, some consumers received answers to their questions in video format.

Instead of hiring an agency to create one set of content, and hoping for it to go viral, in a one-way broadcast of information, Intel unleashed the passion of their employees to create hundreds of pieces of content and conversations. In less than four weeks, the team generated more than 1,800 social interactions, which amplified into 44,693 consumer interactions. The conversations created by these influencers generated 13.8M impressions. Of all social actions taken by Intel employees, 93% was original content.

When asked our Intel Ambassadors to describe their experience, this is what we heard.

• “One word: Awesome! I have been a Intel 15+ years and for the first time I felt really connected to driving our product in the market.” – Ambassador Jason G

• “The Smart Squad has been one of the most memorable experiences of my 15-year career at Intel. Not only did I have the opportunity to test drive a state-of-the-art Intel-powered tablet, I had the chance to meet fellow employees across every geo and business group at Intel and forged new relationships and partnerships… Being able to show someone how our technology is connecting and enriching lives is a step up from just telling them the story. When I use my tablet around people, it takes the abstract concept of Intel technology they see in commercials and turns it into reality.” – Ambassador Linda Q.

• “I love the fact that Intel understands and values an employees’ circle of social media influence (social equity).” – Ambassador David W




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