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Mariah Carey as new brand ambassador for Jenny

Following the press conference in New York City this week where weight loss company, Jenny, announced its new brand and their partnership with recording artist, Mariah Carey, we spoke with recently appointed CEO, Dana Fiser, about how these changes are leading to the company’s growth.

Brandon Gutman: Why did Jenny drop the last name?

Dana Fiser: To accurately portray the company’s heritage and foundation, Jenny needed to revitalize and re-energize the look and feel of the brand. The passion that our employees possess was not being felt by many of our customers. Hence, today we will operate to the consumer as just Jenny, a simpler, friendlier and more approachable partner. With that comes a stronger positioning in our consumer touch points.

What made Jenny choose Mariah Carey as its brand ambassador?

Mariah is someone who understands the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, not only for yourself but also for your family. When we sat down with her, she said she wanted to be a part of something bigger that could help and inspire a movement for change. Those are all things that Jenny wants to accomplish; we have like-minded values and are driven to inspire people to learn healthy, life-long habits.

In addition to the partnership with Mariah, how is Jenny raising the bar on its marketing?

As part of our new partnership with Mariah, we filmed a series of unbranded commercials, which is something totally new for us. Our challenge was to get people to think differently and to pay attention, while holding on to what we believe.

We’ve also joined forces with The American Heart Association with the goal of combating the obesity epidemic and the overwhelming health issues caused by weight-related diseases. We will be launching a multi-faceted campaign next year that will include education, events, PSAs and community initiatives.

Jenny is also offering a new plan called Jenny-Set-Go, a comprehensive 28-day program that allows consumers to try Jenny at a more affordable price point.

Dana Fiser, CEO of Jenny

What innovations can consumers expect from a digital perspective?

Our new campaign with Mariah Carey and the American Heart Association is a sign of what’s to come. The unbranded commercial is receiving significant traction on YouTube so far, and for the first time ever, we live-streamed a major announcement: our press conference revealing Mariah Carey and the new look of the brand. These initiatives have already proved to us that out-of-the-box thinking, collaboration and embracing the power of digital and social media can go a long way.

Jenny also launched its new website this week. Information about Jenny and our offerings is now more readily available, visually more appealing and more accessible than ever before.

As the social space becomes even more critical to brand engagement, Jenny is expanding our resources to support the trend. New initiatives include mobile apps, expansion into e-commerce and a broadening of our social content.

What is your most important advice to other brands as they seek celebrity partnerships?

At Jenny, we know we take a risk with our celebrity brand ambassadors. When we showcase our celebrity clients’ entire journeys through our marketing campaigns, series of real-time commercials, print advertising, and video and written blogs, they unfold somewhat like a reality show; you never really know what’s going to happen. But one of the reasons we choose to do so is because we feel confident. For any brand seeking celebrity partnerships, confidence is key. They need to be confident in themselves, their mission and goals and the values they are built on.

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