December 12, 2013

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Event Chair, Madhur Aggarwal, Vice President, Strategy, Office of CMO, SAP
Host, Ted Rubin, Strategic Advisor and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators


9:40 am

Opening Keynote — Applying Data to Digital Advertising

Basem Nayfeh, Chief Technology Officer, AudienceScience

10:00 am

Big Data Tsunami

Big Data is impacting every aspect of the enterprise, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the marketing strategies of Fortune 500 and other leading brands. Without question, Big Data is creating both challenges and opportunities for America’s top marketers. The massive wave of data available about consumer behavior and purchasing habits, combined with powerful analytical tools, is now enabling brands to use technology to target their consumers more accurately than ever, measure the effectiveness of their advertising, and identify important new trends and markets. Suddenly, all bets are off, and brand marketers must carefully examine how they should be using and analyzing data to make better informed decisions. Treacherous waters, indeed, but not for those who understand how to navigate the seas, and use data to their advantage

Moderator: Scott Portugal, SVP of Programmatic and Strategic Alliances, PulsePoint
Madhur Aggarwal, Vice President, Strategy, Office of CMO, SAP
Craig Macdonald, Partner, Marketing Insights and Data Monetization Practices, Accenture
Eric Smith, Director, Marketing Effectiveness and Online Retail Analytics, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, North America


Keynote — Big Data: Marketing Roadmap to Big Outcomes

Jonathan Becher, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP

With the increasing focus on customer-centricity, Big Data becomes the magic key that sets marketers in the direction of big outcomes. Despite the adoption of Big Data so far, there is still much confusion about it. We will discuss some of the Big Data basics – why is Big Data important, what is the role of marketers in the Big Data transformation , what can marketers achieve with it and how they can get started. It is time to align on the basics in order to propel each other forward on this journey.


Networking Break Hosted by SAP



The Digital Transformation of the CMO

Technology is disrupting marketing and transforming the C-Suite. As the marketing profession evolves from an “art” to a “science,” CMOs must be well-versed in all aspects of technology, from databases and email marketing, to integrated media buying across all channels and platforms, to predictive analytics. Meanwhile, the roles of the CMO and CIO are starting to overlap and many Fortune 500 companies are recruiting Chief Data Scientists. And, data is also driving the decision making process of the CEO. Is technology a friend or foe of the CMO? Will the next generation of CMOs require degrees in IT and engineering? How can marketing and other senior executives stay on top of the next big innovation in technology that will change how they engage with their consumers?

Moderator: Mark Zagorski, CEO, eXelate
Jonathan Becher, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP
Ian Gomar, President, Shaquille O’Neal Consumer Properties
Margaret Molloy, Chief Marketing Officer, Siegel+Gale


Success Story — Big Data, Niche Targets

Accordant Media will explore their approach using data-driven targeting in programmatic media to help Deltak (a division of Wiley Publishing) drive cost-efficient customer acquisition in the highly competitive edu space.

Michael Swartz, Vice President, Marketing, Deltak
Matt Greitzer, Chief Operating Officer, Accordant Media



Digital Video Tunes in to Big Data

Moderator: Bryon Evje, Executive Vice President, SpotXchange
Rob Ciampa, Executive VP Marketing, Pixability
Kaiser Fung, Vice President, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Vimeo
Anthony Rushton, CEO, Telemetry
Mike Scafidi, Director of Digital Marketing Operations, PepsiCo


Keynote — A Real-World, Data-Driven Marketing Journey

Omer Artun, Ph.D., CEO, AgilOne

In this keynote, you will learn about the data-driven marketing journey of Mavi, an international brand of jeans and apparel with physical stores and online sales. Mavi started small, but grew their data-driven program to deliver revolutionary returns. Mavi today uses sophisticated analytics to understand value-based customer acquisition and retention and to deliver highly personalized experiences online and offline. Using advanced clustering algorithms and propensity models Mavi was able to double their overall order frequency, and reactive more than 20% of their inactive customers among other things.


Big Data Paves the way for Mobile Monetization

Moderator: Chuck Moxley, Chief Marketing Officer, 4INFO
Adam Kmiec, Director of Global Digital Marketing and Social Media, Campbell Soup Company
Ed Martin, Director of Mobile Marketing, The Hershey Company

There are more than 6.5 billion mobile phones in the world, collecting massive amounts of information about consumer behavior, including real-time retail data, content and media consumption, and every day habits and patterns. Leveraging and understanding this firehouse of data is the cornerstone of some of the most successful mobile marketing campaigns today. Location and demographic data are just the tip of the iceberg; learn how brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands are benefiting from investing in mobile — the fastest growing media, advertising, and E-commerce channel around.



Keynote — Investing in High Impact Big Data Solutions

Evangelos Simoudis, Managing Director, Trident Capital

In the last five years alone over $6B has been invested by VCs in big data companies realizing the impact these technologies can have on companies in every industry. While our ability to collect, and analyze data is improving, our ability to get actionable insights is not keeping pace in a scalable way. Venture investments must shift to areas where big data can provide higher value by addressing important industry problems, including those around customer understanding and lifecycle management.



Lunch Hosted by SAP



Keynote –Transforming Your Organization With Big Data

Irfan Khan, SVP and General Manager, SAP Big Data

It’s an opportunity to change how you work, play and live by tracking new signals within the digital noise, and Big Data is changing the world. From major league sports and personalized shopping to cancer treatment tailored to your DNA, many organizations are achieving what was once impossible. Unfortunately, roadblocks keep many organizations from realizing their Big Data goals. Either organizations often lack the expertise to connect Big Data projects with the business imperative and their daily business operations, or complex IT infrastructure inhibits organizations from tracking new signals cost effectively and at the pace of business. Learn how to achieve tangible results for your top business priorities and transform your organization through Big Data.


Big Data Toolbox

While Big Data is creating new opportunities for brand marketers, the share volume of it can be overwhelming, and the need to analyze it can be daunting. Over the past couple of years, the venture capital industry has invested billions of dollars in emerging technology companies focused on making sense of it all. Learn how these cutting edge companies are helping brand marketers demystify Big Data and use it to their advantage.

Moderator: Irfan Khan, SVP and General Manager, SAP Big Data
Michael Hershfield, General Manager, Monetization, Sailthru
Mark Josephson, CEO, bitly
Rod Hook, Chief Technology Officer, Dstillery
Jan Rezab, CEO, Socialbakers


Success Story — Hatching Big Results with Big Data

Roger Koman, Director of Marketing and New Media, Eggland’s Best
Ken Nelson, Vice President, Exponential


Keynote — Using Big Data for Human Understanding

Marc Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, Resonate

People are truly complex. Yet the marketing industry has been unable to meaningfully incorporate this complexity. And marketers have struggled to reconcile the importance of deep customer understanding with the need for scale, reach and operational efficiency, instead reducing people to ‘targets’ and ‘segments.’ No longer. The promise of big data and technology is that brands can now embrace the complexity of the individual and engage based on understanding of what makes them who they are. See how progressive marketers are successfully using big data to add a new dimension – that of “WHY?” to their marketing mix.


Networking Break Hosted by SAP



Keynote — Building an Enterprise Level Data-Driven Marketing Practice

Matt Spiegel, SVP, GM Americas, MediaMath

The growth of data is showing no signs of slowing down, and it’s this “information explosion” that has everybody buzzing about big data. While it’s easy to fixate on the overwhelming growth of the data pool, big data is not an end in itself. How you activate big data is what’s truly interesting, and the best way to activate all your data is via programmatic channels. It’s this programmatic path that enables marketers to speak to their customers and prospects on an individualized basis and do so at scale. The data is available. The technology is available. Now you just need to learn how to stitch it together.


Programmatic Advertising + Big Data = Results in Real Time

Jason John, Vice President, Online, Mobile and Social Marketing, Gilt Groupe
Dax Hamman, Chief Strategy Officer, Chango


Keynote — Insight-Driven Innovation

Nate Silver, Statistician, Journalist & Founder & Editor in Chief of the ESPN blog FiveThirtyEight and Special Correspondent for ABC News.


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception Hosted by SAP