December 12, 2012

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Rajiv Satyal, Host

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators


Q&A: Big Data and the C-Suite — The Evolving Role of the CMO

Big Data and analytics are impacting every aspect of the enterprise, however, no where is this more apparent than in the evolving role of the CMO. Once the domain of the CTO and the CIO, Chief Marketing Officers must now be experts, well versed in the science of collecting, analyzing and incorporating Big Data in to every aspect of their decision making process. Learn how leading brand marketers are embracing Big Data and re-engineering their marketing departments to leverage data science to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors.

Moderator: Key Compton, SVP, Corporate Development, AddThis
Calixto Galan, Director of Advance Analytics, L’Oreal USA


Keynote — Big Brands Meet Big Data. The Newest Innovator’s Dilemma

Marc Parrish, Former Vice President of Membership and Customer Retention Marketing, Barnes & Noble

Big Data is moving too fast for Big Brands. They don’t have the ability to technically pivot, to move quickly enough to take advantage of the astounding amount of customer information that’s available, and make it part of their everyday practices. This poses a great risk to the world’s great retailers. Well-managed companies often fail because the very same management practices that made them industry leaders also make it difficult to assimilate the disruptive technologies that in the end allow others to steal their market. With Big Data, the gap between merely sustaining your operations, and adopting disruptive technologies, is the difference between progress, or perish…


Personalization: Using Big Data to Target your Consumers

TV brought brands into the age of mass or “one-to-many” communications, enabling marketers to reach highly defined audiences and demographic segments, simultaneously. The Internet has made marketing infinitely more granular, providing brand marketers with the opportunity to speak directly to “unique” or individual consumers. By combining dozens, if not hundreds, of data points, collected across all channels, brands may now derive deeper consumer insights, and reach potential consumers with incredible precision and efficiency. Advances in advertising technology and Big Data, including Real Time Bidding (RTB) and behavioral targeting are proving to be game changers for the brand marketing industry. Add geo-targeting on mobile devices into the mix, and marketers can identify and message their consumers just about any time, anywhere, and on any digital device imaginable. Welcome to the brave new world of personalized or 1:1 marketing or the end of mass media as we know it. Are you prepared?

Moderator: Michael Greene, Director of Research and Marketing Strategy, AudienceScience
Greg DePalma, Vice President, Audience Insights at TiVo
Tracy Keim, VP, Multi-Brand Marketing, Bonobos


Networking Break

Hosted by Media6Degrees


Success Story — Digging Deep: How Big Data Can Help Find Your MVC

In today’s world, DATA is the game-changing approach to marketing. But does “bigger” data and customer profiles equal better results? Learn how ideeli and combined multiple data sources, technology, and scale to create actionable insights to find not just any customer but ideeli’s Most Valuable Customer.

Daniel Kirchgessner, Director, Online Advertising, ideeli
Greg Skipper, Director of East Coast Sales for


Q&A with a Data Scientist

Moderator: Aaron Fetters, Director, Insights and Analytics Solutions Center, Kellogg Company
Brian Dalessandro, VP, Data Science, Media6Degrees


Big Data and Media Buying: The Science of Attribution and Advertising Effectiveness

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” — John Wanamaker

Attribution, in the world of traditional media, as legendary marketer John Wanamaker so aptly stated, is at best a guessing game. In the new era of digital marketing attribution and optimization, however, brand marketers may now utilize Big Data to identify consumers across all media channels, touch points, and data sources — including, digital advertising, apps, websites, search, branded content, social media, and email — and allocate their media and marketing dollars accordingly. Will Big Data disrupt the supply and demand of media? Will there be a new definition of “premium” inventory? Will it be valued differently? Here’s what you need to know now.

Moderator: Andy Sarfas, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Telemetry
Aaron Fetters, Director, Insights and Analytics Solutions Center, Kellogg Company
Henry Liu, Executive Director, New Brand Development and Global Marketing, Estee Lauder Companies



Hosted by


Keynote — Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t

Victor Lee, VP Digital Brand Marketing, Hasbro

Marketing used to be very easy, set it high and let if fly. Three networks but only a few TV shows that could reach the majority of your audience. Today, marketers are faced with thousands of options to reach their consumer. The importance of data and how it reaches and optimizes your target audience should be the top priority when developing marketing plans. While most marketers are being asked to do more with less, the reliance on using data to tell a story is important and vital. Hear how Hasbro makes data as fun as the brands it produces.


Social Media = Data Tsunami

Just when brand marketers were starting to get their arms around Big Data…along came social media, generating an enormous new stream of unstructured data. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites are generating billions of actionable bytes of data everyday, about consumer preferences, habits, and sentiment. How can brand marketers leverage this information to engage more closely with their consumers and make more informed marketing decisions? Why are brands investing more to capture and analyze this information? And, how can this knowledge provide leading brands with a competitive advantage?

Moderator: Dan Neely, CEO, Networked Insights
Jorge Luis Fontanez, VP and Marketing Manager of Chase Community Giving, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co
Jacqueline Lamping O’Connell, Sr. Director, Social Media Strategy & Development, Apollo Group


Keynote — Little Decisions > Big Data

Joe Zawadzki, CEO, Mediamath

The ad industry is raving about big data this year, but for many marketers its a case of “data, data, everywhere; not a thought to think.” The term Big Data itself supports a whole host of bad habits — that Big Data is expensive, confusing, and not all that actionable. Here, MediaMath CEO, Joe Zawadzki, offers an alternative to Big Data — the Small Decision. By focusing on the billions of small decisions that marketers must make, they focus on outcomes. When that is the focus, it allows marketers to critically evaluate the value of the data they are using and how much to invest where.


Networking Break

Hosted by AddThis


Keynote — Reaching Consumers When and Where Receptive

Laston Charriez, SVP Marketing, Western Union

Laston Charriez will narrate his experiences on receptivity after 25 years of marketing in 5 countries and 3 companies.


Success Story

Jason Baadsgaard, SVP, Strategic Account Development, Dotomi
Nicole Fraley, Director of Marketing, Office Depot


Maximizing DSP Impact

DSPs (demand-side platforms) allow us to manage massive ad impression volumes with buying and reporting housed in a single tool. What are the best ways to develop and optimize these media programs? How do we leverage Facebook’s real-time ad exchange: a large pool of data open for display ad targeting via select DSPs? What are the best-of-breed tools and services available, and what’s to come in the DSP evolution road map?

Moderator: Chris Karl, SVP, Enterprise Solutions, MediaMath
Garrett Dale, Digital Innovation Director, Kepler Group
Jason John, VP, Online, Mobile, Social Marketing, Gilt Groupe
Kevin Ranford, Chief Marketing Officer, Poppin


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