December 11, 2014

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Host, Ted Rubin, Strategic Advisor and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators

9:00 am

Big Data Tsunami

Big Data is impacting every aspect of the enterprise, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the marketing strategies of Fortune 500 and other leading brands. Without question, Big Data is creating both challenges and opportunities for America’s top marketers. The massive wave of data available about consumer behavior and purchasing habits, combined with powerful analytical tools, is now enabling brands to use technology to target their consumers more accurately than ever, measure the effectiveness of their advertising, and identify important new trends and markets. Suddenly, all bets are off, and brand marketers must carefully examine how they should be using and analyzing data to make better informed decisions. Treacherous waters, indeed, but not for those who understand how to navigate the seas, and use data to their advantage

Moderator: Liane Dietrich, Chief Operating Officer, Rakuten Marketing

Kevin Cole, SVP Digital Banking Strategy, Bank of America
Vivian Jee, Sr. Manager, Marketing & Sales, Samsung Electro-Mechanics
Jacqueline Harman, Director of Acquisition, Boxed Wholesale
Joseph Yakuel, Sr. Director of CRM & Digital Marketing,The Vitamin Shoppe


Keynote — Big Data and E-Commerce: The Future is Now

Dave Feinleib, Founder, Content Analytics and author of Big Data Demystified: How Big Data Is Changing The Way We Live, Love And Learn


Programmatic —- From White Board to Mainstream Adoption

Ben Plomion, VP Marketing, Chango

Programmatic buying is an established science and popular approach to digital advertising that’s made marketers lives easier while increasing the effectiveness of campaigns. Yet it’s still new for many. Whether you’re thinking of jumping in or looking for ways to enhance your existing programmatic strategies, you’ll find much of interest as Chango’s Ben Plomion unveils exclusive new research from the Brand Innovators Programmatic Pulse survey. Did you know 75% of marketers are using programmatic today? That 39% of users execute programmatic purchases through agencies, while 33% do in-house? And that measuring ROI and integrating data are the two biggest challenges marketers face in amping-up programmatic activity? We’ll tackle those bogeys head-on, arming you with facts and insights to enhance your digital impact across all platforms.


Keynote – Big Data or Bot Data

Michael Tiffany, CEO, White Ops

The elephant in the Data Warehouse is bot fraud. As ad targeting has grown more sophisticated, bot fraud has gone up, not down. What does this mean for the quality of your data and the third party data used to enrich it? The Bot Baseline, the bot fraud study released this week by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops, reveals that two-thirds of the bot population is coming from home users’ computers. These bots are clones of real people, polluting user profiles, targeting segments, and attribution models. Ads shown to bots are even credited for purchases made by the real people they’ve cloned. What can be done to strike back at the botnets?


Networking Break


Keynote — Unlock The Power of Mobile with Cross-Channel Audience Engagement

Amy Caplan, SVP Strategic Partnerships, NinthDecimal

Successful marketing strategies and techniques are evolving daily. This discussion will provide you with insights that will help you best leverage mobile to optimize your overall marketing strategy and achieve your goals. In a mobile-first society, the key to success is in connecting consumers’ physical and digital worlds including the often missing link ‹ precise mobile audience intelligence. Learn how integrating mobile with other media channels significantly changes the marketing playing field. By enabling you to reach the same audience across multiple channels and devices from a single platform provides you with a holistic view of your customers, as well as the ability to achieve high performing campaigns. You don¹t want to miss the discussion about the next evolution of successful cross-channel audience engagement.


The Digital Transformation of the CMO

Technology is disrupting marketing and transforming the C-Suite. As the marketing profession evolves from an “art” to a “science,” CMOs must be well-versed in all aspects of technology, from databases and email marketing, to integrated media buying across all channels and platforms, to predictive analytics. Meanwhile, the roles of the CMO and CIO are starting to overlap and many Fortune 500 companies are recruiting Chief Data Scientists. And, data is also driving the decision making process of the CEO. Is technology a friend or foe of the CMO? Will the next generation of CMOs require degrees in IT and engineering? How can marketing and other senior executives stay on top of the next big innovation in technology that will change how they engage with their consumers?

Moderator: Andrew Pancer, Chief Operating Officer, Dstillery
Will Ferguson, Chief Marketing Officer, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Jason John, Chief Marketing Officer, Publishers Clearing House


Tapping the Firehouse of Social Data

The growing gold mine of new consumer data made accessible to marketers through an ever increasing array of social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Whisper, Vine — is supposed to be a treasure trove of insights to make marketers smarter and marketing more effective. But successfully making use of that data first means answering a lot of questions, like what data matters and what you want to do with it, and building new teams with the right skill sets, including data scientists, analysts, and engineers. This panel will explore the intersection of social + data and how top tier brands and marketers have tackled these challenges to gain new insights into their consumers to personalize messaging, measure the impact of social, and use a combination of paid and earned media to take their efforts to the next level.

Moderator: Mark Josephson, CEO, Bitly

Angela Grusczka, Director, Marketing + Communications, ABC Home & Carpet
Jenn Eldin, Director of Marketing, American Express Serve
Edlynne Laryea, Advisor, Worldwide Digital Center of Excellence, Johnson & Johnson
Colin Schoenberger, Associate Director, Social Media and Analytics, WNET, New York Public Media




Keynote — Hacking the Social Web to Uncover Surprising Consumer Insights

Nick Macri, Senior Insight Analyst at Code and Theory

Uncovering consumer insights and truths in social media is an art. Done right, brand marketers can reap huge rewards in connecting better with audiences, and making business decisions that have enormous potential to impact the bottom line. In the past 12 months, Code and Theory has developed a powerful set of proprietary tools that automate and collect data across the social web—from a data-viz GIF bot that shows how far and fast a Tumblr post spreads, to a real-time interactive visualization of every fast-food-related post. Nick Macri, Senior Insight Analyst at Code and Theory, will speak to how he hacked the social web for clients like Burger King, Dr Pepper and Maybelline, and offer a few tips on how marketers might start to think about integrating data in the creative process.



Mason Nelder, Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy at Verizon


Success Story


Big Data Paves the way for Mobile Monetization

There are more than 6.5 billion mobile phones in the world, collecting massive amounts of information about consumer behavior, including real-time retail data, content and media consumption, and every day habits and patterns. Leveraging and understanding this firehouse of data is the cornerstone of some of the most successful mobile marketing campaigns today. Location and demographic data are just the tip of the iceberg; learn how brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands are benefiting from investing in mobile — the fastest growing media, advertising, and E-commerce channel

Dan Jee, Director-International Marketing, GILT
Mason Nelder, Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy at Verizon
Todd Adrian, Director, Consumer & Market Insights North America, Novartis Consumer Health


Networking Break


Keynote — Direct Access to the Advertiser’s Audience

Chris Karl, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Market Development, Sonobi

People Based Media Planning and Buying introduces a new way to think about organizing your digital media budgets and first party customer data. This trend is disrupting and improving the performance of your marketing budgets. Sonobi will discuss four important levers for successfully deploying first party data across the media plan in 2015.


Success Story – Harnessing the Power of Data and Technology

Erik Shani, VP Brand Intelligence Solutions, Amobee

As the number of data sources and the usage patterns of those sources multiply exponentially, marketers have access to a plethora of data; but big data can mean big problems for marketers. In order to be effective, you have to define what matters and what doesn’t, benchmark, conduct research, analyze, activate, rinse, and repeat.


The Road Ahead: What’s Next For Brands and Data

Moderator: Scott Hendrickson, Head of Advertising Solutions, PayPal Media Network

Laston Charriez, SVP Marketing, North America, Western Union
Alexa Lombardo, Senior Associate, Global Marketing & Strategic Projects, The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
Michael Rotella, Vice President, Internet and Mobile, Digital Usage and Engagement, Citi
Mike Scafidi, Director, Digital Marketing Operations, PepsiCo


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