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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer

Host: Ted Rubin, Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, author of Return on Relationship

Event Co-Chair: Bonin Bough, Global Chief Media & eCommerce Officer, Mondelez International

Event Co-Chair: Chris Curtin, Chief Brand & Innovation Marketing Officer, Visa


Fireside Chat

Bonin Bough, Global Chief Media & eCommerce Officer, Mondelez International

Q&A conducted by ZEFR Rick Song, Executive Vice President, ZEFR


Game Changers: Social Trends & Digital Innovation

2015 was a watershed year for the marketing and media industries as digital media and emerging technologies impacted every aspect of brand marketing and the marketing funnel in general. Now, whether it’s Snapchat’s play for ad dollars, the battle over livestreaming, or exciting developments in virtual reality, 2016 promises to be just as exciting.

In this session, we’ll discuss the the evolution of social media and its continued influence on the nature of the relationships between brands and their consumers; what we’ve learned about mobile user behaviors, and how mobile devices will continue to serve as the primary vehicle for shopping, media consumption, and entertainment.

From identifying the perfect paid-earned balance, to evaluating new social-mobile apps (peach anyone?) to leveraging the plethora of new digital tools and emerging behaviors, we’re getting deep into the latest in social and mobile, and all the challenges and opportunities entailed.

Moderator: Alex Nordenson, Team Lead, Partner Management, SocialCode

Shani Belisle, Director of Emerging Media, AT&T
Doug Busk, Global Group Director, Digital Connections & Social Media, The Coca Cola Company
Heather Hvidsten, Senior Director of Product Innovation and Product Management, Souhtwest Airlines
Liya Sharif, Sr. Director, Global Brand, Qualcomm
Lars Silberbauer, Global Director of Search & Social, LEGO


Fireside Chat

Doug Busk, Global Group Director, Digital Connections & Social Media, The Coca Cola Company

Q&A conducted by Jordan Kretchmer, CEO, Livefyre



Jim Tobin, President, Ignite Social Media; President, Carusele

Influencer marketing and content marketing are now both credible marketing disciplines. And the Ad:Tech industry is looking to help both scale, as you would expect. But there’s a coming conflict between scale and quality that will impact brand marketers across the board. Jim Tobin explores the coming conflict.


Fireside Chat

Chris Curtin, Chief Brand & Innovation Marketing Officer, Visa
Sam Shrauger, Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions, Visa

Q&A conducted byJim Larrison, GM & Co-Founder, Dynamic Signal


The Next Generation of Culture and Code

Marta Martinez, Senior Vice President, AOL Advertising

As the ad landscape becomes increasingly mobile-focused, mobile content and mobile tech will continue to forge interwoven paths. Mobile tech creates channels to run and distribute mobile content, which makes the world more dynamic, more personal and more exciting. Mobile has shattered the media landscape, simplifying the lives of consumers but complicating the options for marketers. Join AOL’s Marta Martinez to discover how brands can combine the best of culture and code to create premium mobile experiences.


The Future of Retail: In Store, eCommerce & Omni-Channel

Shoppers now expect seamless inventory visibility and synchronized customer support both in-store and online, as they increasingly engage with retailers via mobile, both in-store and on the path to purchase. Today’s most savvy retailers understand these changing dynamics and the power of their physical locations to drive ecommerce growth and how discovery online can drive traffic back to stores. After taking stock of the latest omni-channel retailing trends, we’ll challenge our panelists for their predictions on what engaging and retaining customers will look like in the not-so-distant future.

Moderator: Matt Doherty, Director of East Coast Sales, TubeMogul

Jaime Fabricant, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Strategy & Content, PepsiCo
Anna Fieler, Executive Vice President, Marketing, POPSUGAR
Hugh Jedwill, Director, Digital Innovation Lab, Kimberly Clark
Jeff Jenkins, Global Executive, Digital Marketing & Strategy, Whole Foods


Universal Music Group leverages Social Listening to Propel artist to Academy of Country Music Award

Tony Grotticelli, Universal Music Group, Nashville
Paige Leidig, CMO of NetBase

Each year fans have the power to vote for the ACM Entertainer of the Year and New Artists of the Year Awards. Learn how UMG leverages social listening in their day to day business and how they changed their marketing strategy to bring home the gold.


The Greatest Startup + Brand Story Ever Told

Ben Hindman, Founder & CEO, Splash
Tina Wung, Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation, Anheuser Busch InBev

To advance significant digital innovation, brands and startups need each other desperately: startups bring game-changing solutions; brands bring credibility and scale. But given the David & Goliath-like differences, landing and growing the right partnership into a long-term and mutually beneficial business model is as elusive as winning the lottery. In this session, Splash co-founder & CEO Ben Hindman and ABInBev’s Tina Wung share their riveting story about an unlikely partnership that led a scrappy startup to build a dream event marketing platform now powering a $40B corporation – and grow their business 15x over.


Keynote — Chat Bot Revolution: How Messaging and Content are coming together

John Logioco, Executive Vice President, Outbrain

Learn why messaging apps have surpassed even social networks for consumer time and attention. How chat bots have emerged as the go to strategy for brands and publishers to enter the conversation. The opportunity is as large as the challenges.


Keynote – Reviving Espolòn Tequila

Umberto Luchini, VP Marketing, Campari North America

When Campari America acquired Espolòn Tequila five years ago, it saw potential for the brand and the tequila category. Umberto Luchini, Campari America’s vice president of marketing, played a pivotal role in reviving Espolòn. He’ll discuss the innovative tactics used to a bring a relatively unknown, niche product to the masses and grow Espolòn Tequila into one of the most successful spirits brands today.


Thinking Outside of the Inbox: The Future of Identity and Ad Targeting

Jordan Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, Fluent

In this presentation, Fluent CMO Jordan Cohen will discuss the evolution of ad targeting, and the emerging role of the email address as the core identifier used to deterministically target consumers across all digital channels and devices at a massive scale.


The Fusion of Art and Science: Optimizing Creative Content With Marketing Signal Measurement

Modern brands face a daily battle of developing new and compelling content for their campaigns. The speed of digital activation makes it critical to have a real-time view of which creatives are driving awareness, engagement, and advocacy. Learn how JCPenney is pioneering an agile, data-driven approach to campaign measurement and content optimization.

Opher Kahane, CEO, Origami Logic
Sean Ryan, Director, Social and Digital Content, JCPenney


Fireside Chat

Gustavo Leone, Content Development & Distribution – New Media, Mattel

Q&A conducted by Russ Bley, Vice President U.S. Sales, NewsCred


How Mobile is Unlocking Omni-Channel Success, Especially TV

Brian Kilmer, VP, NinthDecimal

Accurately determining if your omni-channel campaign is driving Tune-in and/or your TV advertising is driving consumers to physical world locations is a marketers holy grail. This presentation will share a client case study about how a major network leveraged NinthDecimal’s omni-channel measurement solution to analyze the data and insights needed to understand the true effectiveness of their marketing spend.



Lee Nadler, Marketing Communication and Launch Manager, MINI USA, BMW Group


Fireside Chat

Lee Nadler, Marketing Communication and Launch Manager, MINI USA, BMW Group

Q&A conducted by ZEFR Rick Song, Executive Vice President, ZEFR


From Mobile to Entertainment: How to Engage with Millennials

Marketers have barely begun to figure out millennials, a generation so nuanced their media and consumer habits differ from each other, as much as they do from that of previous generations, but already, their successors – new demographics dubbed Gen Z or the Alpha Generation, have begun to emerge that will prove just as challenging.

Key to engaging this new group of consumers lay in both creating engaging content, and understanding their mobile habits. Great content must resonate with consumers, in order for them to believe it, share it, and reflect positively on your brand. Their mobile devices are extensions of their bodies and the primary means through which they interact with brands, media, and each other.

This panel will explore what we’ve learned about Millennials and their successors so far, through the lens of the entertainment, content, and new mobile behaviors.

Moderator: Stephanie Sollers, Sr. Director of Global Sales xAd

Caty Burgess, Senior Vice President, Media Strategies, The CW
Erin Dwyer, SVP Global eCommerce, Social, & Digital Marketing, Haven Beauty
Matthew Colleran, US Marketing Director – Challenger Brands, Hasbro
Ef Rodriguez, Director of Global Social Media, HTC


Keynote – Evolving the Marketing Organization

Scott Hudler, VP Global Consumer Engagement, Dunkin Brands

Scott Hudler will discuss how Dunkin’ Donuts is evolving from a traditional Marketing organization to a modern, digital-first organization with the consumer at the center.


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