March 10, 2018


Speaker Inquiries

Brandon Gutman


Sponsorship Opportunities

Marc Sternberg






Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer

Host: Ted Rubin, Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, author of Return on Relationship


Fireside Chat

Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP

Moderated by: Ryan Griffin VP, Head of Brand Development, Flipboard


Women in Marketing RoundTable

Jessica Anselmi, Innovation Marketing & Chief of Staff to CMO, Dunkin Brands
Jennifer Dalipi, Senior Director, Global Media Consumer Beauty, Coty
Tracy Keim, VP Consumer Marketing, 23&Me
Amanda Kozlowski, SVP Digital Marketing, LionsGate
Shane Steele, Global Head of Brand Marketing, Dropbox
Kim Stokes, Head of Digital, Boston Beer
Dana Strokovsky, Global Director, Social Media Excellence, McDonald’s
Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP

Moderated by: Stephanie Geno VP, Brand Solutions, Innovid


Strategies to Combat the Challenge of Capturing Consumer Attention

Ben Jones, Creative Director, Unskippable Experiments, Google
Mike Proulx, Chief Digital Officer, Hill Holliday

Moderated by: Seraj Bharwani Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds


The User Generation – The History of UGC

Brendon Mulvihill, SVP, Head of Licensing, Jukin Media


Products, Packaging and Provenance – Building Trust into Customer Experience

What if your food could talk? Tell you where it came from, and where it’s been? Who had access? If it had been tampered with? If it spoiled? If it contained banned contents?
Xerox VP of Customer Experience Eric Weaver will talk about Xerox’s foray into the world of products, provenance and public ledgers – how we sorted through the various flavors of blockchain to find technologies that enable consumers to engage with products in completely new ways, and with full transparency into their provenance. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to build trust via CX, use cases for innovative engagement technologies, and how to sort the technological wheat from the chaff.
Eric Weaver, VP Customer Experience Practice, Xerox


Fireside Chat

Eric Weaver, VP Customer Experience Practice, Xerox

Moderated by: Richard Bush Chief Product & Technology Officer, NYIAX


Fireside Chat

Sabrina Stoffregen, Sales and Marketing, Global People, Culture, and Communications Manager, Intel

Moderated by: Robyn Hannah Senior Director, Global Communication, Dynamic Signal



Tom Hartman VP Sales, Innovid


Fireside Chat – The LGBTQ Imperative

Michele Tobin, VP, Brand Partnerships and Advertising, INTO
Zach Stafford, Editor in Chief, INTO

Moderated by: Erin (Mack) McKelvey , CEO, SalientMG


Fireside Chat – Multiculutral Marketing

Lincoln Lopez, VP Marketing & Social Media, T-Mobile

Moderated by: Peggy Byrd SVP Multicultural Strategy and Sales, iHeart Media


Customer Obsession & The Bottom Line: Why brand advertisers must redefine and focus on the metrics that matter

Steve Wadsworth, President and CEO, Tapjoy
Izzy Hedges, EVP, International Media, Vizeum


Keynote – Digital Commerce Survival Guide for Brand Marketers

In today’s bold new retail world, disruptive technologies are now a constant. From eCommerce to mobile and IoT to personalization, staying on top of the digital wave can seem daunting. This is an exciting era of opportunity for brand marketers, and no one can afford to be left behind. How can brand marketers survive and thrive in the age of disruptions? Learn key survival skills to help you cut through the noise and navigate this complex, and overwhelming space.
Sylvain Perrier, President & CEO, Mercatus


Thinking Like A Publisher: Brand Newsrooms & Content Strategy

Stephanie Losee, Head of Content, Visa
Gavin O’Hara, Global Social Media Publisher, Lenovo

Moderated by: Matt White Sales Director, Amplify Sales, Outbrain


Fireside Chat

Lou Jordano, CMO, Crimson Hexagon
Tim Murray, Brand Solutions and Partnerships, Twitter


Fireside Chat

Morgan Ferrarotti, Marketing Director, Aetna

Moderated by: Scott Hendrickson SVP Sales, News IQ | News Corp


Fireside Chat

Victor Lee, SVP Digital, Hasbro

Moderated by: Tom Hammer, VP Strategic Accounts & Global Agency Development, MobileFuse


The Missing Data Point: Why the Battleground for Consumers Remains on Mobile™

Daniella Harkins, VP of Client Solutions, Verve


Social Media & Influencer Strategies Game Show!

Kelsey Carroll, Global Social Media, HPE
Chris Marino, Director, Global Social Strategy, American Express
Victoria Nielsen, Senior Social Media Manager, Moe’s Southwest Grill & Cinnabon, Focus Brands
Shannon Pruitt, President, NA, The Story Lab

Moderated by: Paul Kontonis CMO, WHOSAY


It’s a Wrap!